Japanese Street Photography by Junichi Hakoyama

A man walking down a wide stariway in a spotlight surrounded by darkness by Junichi Hakoyama.

Street photography is one of those things that will always pique human interest; we’re always curious to see how other people live and behave in those day-to-day situations we all find ourselves in. As a result, photographers throughout the years have focused on the street – from style, to faces, buildings and cars – but no photographer has produced results quite like Junichi Hakoyama.

The Japanese photographer gives a whole new meaning and dimension to street photography, producing black and white architectural imagery that almost has an element of the unreal. A seemingly boring or nondescript location – a concrete stairwell, for example, or Zebra crossing – is suddenly given depth and intrigue through his clean, dark images, with just one dark figure denoting a dramatic scene.

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A person's silhouette walking across wooden-effect flooring with architectural lines to the right by Junichi Hakoyama.

A man walking across tiled flooring with a drag along suitcase lit by a spotlight and surrounded by darkness by Junichi Hakoyama.

A person's silhouette walking in the distance with a series of curved steps in the foreground by Junichi Hakoyama.

A woman dressed in black holding an umbrella walking across an area of narrow black and white stripes by Junichi Hakoyama.

Words by Angharad Jones. Images property of Junichi Hakoyama.

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

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