An Interview with Illustrator Peter O’Toole

We caught up with illustrator Peter O’Toole to find out a little more about his inspiration, ice cream and why he loves Chicago.

Read the interview below…

Tell us alittle bit about your work…

A lot of my work is highly influenced by the past. I’vealways really been into design from the 1950’s and try to get that across in mywork. Whether it’s the colours, the technique or even the wear and tear of thepiece.Not everything is vintage though. Like the drawings I have done forCoggles, these fall more into fashion illustration I think!

What piece of your work encapsulates you?

I guess there’s a little bit in every piece. Just theprocess I go through to get the piece to the final outcome is a journey to someextent, So I’d say the stuff you don’t see encapsulates me, the behind thescenes stuff! Sometimes its easy and sometimes its hard!

What did you want to be when you were little?

An illustrator! although I didn’t know what illustrationwas then persay. I just wanted to draw forever. I don’t think I actuallyrealised it was called illustration until I was in my last year at high school!

Where in the World inspires you most?

There’s three places that are pretty much on par!Barcelona is amazing although I’ve only been once it stands out as one of thebest and most inspiring Chicago is another. I have family there and alsoproposed to my now wife there.

And Galway, Ireland. This is where the majorityof my family is from and I have been going every year since I was born. If youwant to get away from everything, go to Connermarra in Galway!

What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream?

Peanut butter chocolate chip.

What can we expect to see from you next?

I’ve just launched a side project, basically you can get drawn like the Coggles illustrationsfor a small fee! That’s going well and I think its something a little different!Good for gifts with Christmas coming up! wink wink…

Also I am working on somestuff for Adidas UK and also Adidas Germany. I can’t say too much but its adream come true for me!


Image property of Peter O’ Toole.To see more of his work, visit his site here and to check out his street style illustrations for Coggles, see here.

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

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