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A Buyer’s Guide to Tom Wood Jewellery

Tom Wood is the new unisex jewellery brand that we want to introduce you to this week on Coggles. Known for their simplistic, statement designs with a focus on authentic materials – these contemporary pieces have become firm favourites amongst many of our favourite influencers.

The brand that provides the perfect all-year-round accessory with its standout craftsmanship, bold shapes, and modern take on traditional heirlooms – Tom Wood Jewellery is the perfect balance of functional, classic and modern.

Certainly, one to know, here’s your complete guide to the Norwegian brand…

tom wood jewellery


#1 Tom Wood Jewellery

Mona Jenson started Tom Wood in 2013 after leaving her role at a Marketing agency. Initially starting as a hobby Tom Wood has become one of Norway’s most popular lifestyle brands. The brand develops collections with a focus on natural materials and everlasting shapes, taking inspiration from nature and vintage pieces that she feels tell a story. Since the beginning, they have worked with the same factories to deliver the highest quality and craftsmanship needed to maintain the Tom Wood signature look and feel.

#2 Tom Wood Jewellery Ring Sizing

When buying rings getting the size right can be difficult. If you are unsure of your size, take a look at the below size guide for help. Being able to choose your size correctly is a priority to the brand as it saves you the hassle of returns and reduces the impact on the environment!

Tom Wood Sizing

Inside Diameter


Inside Diameter


42 13,4 0,528 D ½
44 14,0 0,553 F
46 14,5 0,571 G ½
48 15,3 0,602 L ½
50 15,9 0,626 K ¼
52 16,5 0,660 M
54 17,2 0,677 N ½
56 17,8 0,700 P
58 18.5 0,728 Q ¾
60 19,2 0,756 S ¼
62 19,8 0,780 T ½
64 20,4 0,804 V ¼
66 21,0 0,826 W ½

#3 Is Tom Wood Jewellery Unisex?

Yes, all of the jewellery is unisex! The styles cater to each individual and every piece talks for itself. Tom Wood Jewellery is perfect for stacking, it’s strong enough to work on its own or to complement others.

woman wearing Tom Wood Jewellery


#4 Tom Wood Signet Rings

If you have heard of Tom Wood Jewellery before reading this, it is most likely because of the brand’s trademark signet rings – which are where it all started.

Tom Wood Signet Rings capture your eye with their chunky designs, polished sterling silver, and semi-precious stones – which is very fitting to the brand’s Scandinavian style. They look great solo or stacked, whatever your preference.

Man wearing Tom Wood Jewellery


#5 Is Tom Wood Sustainable?

One of the brands key focuses is longevity and since 2019 they have adopted an actively environmentally conscious approach. The Tom Wood Low Impact Project is aimed at working with the factories on reducing their footprint while sharing the process.

Sustainability is at the core of pushing the brand to make smarter choices such as implementing better business practices and producing long-lasting products with longevity in mind.

Some of the highlights from 2020 include adding a chemical restrictions list that has been signed by all suppliers, launching Low Impact Denim with GOTS certified fabric and EIM Score and using GOTS certified organic cotton denim and Jersey lines!

#6 Where To Buy Tom Wood Jewellery

Shop our favourite Tom Wood pieces from the collection now at Coggles…

#7 Tom Wood Menswear

In the brand’s minimalist style the Tom Wood clothing collection in menswear includes striking shapes and simple detailing in classic Scandinavian style. Encapturing the modern man the collection includes working trousers, overshirts, and t-shirts cleverly combining casual styles with a sophisticated edge.



Written by Holly Thompson

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