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A Buyer’s Guide to Attirecare | Sustainable Care Products

After the fun of the festivities and multiple outfit changes, there is bound to be a few unwanted marks and stains you are now noticing. Whether it is your uncle’s red wine spillage on your cushion or the chutney you got on your favourite silk blouse there is nothing more gutting than the feeling of “will I get the stain out”.

Introducing Attirecare, the brand that provides a solution, creating shoe, garment, home and lifestyle care products with you in mind, making those somewhat mundane tasks a bit more enjoyable. Here’s a complete buyer’s guide with everything you need to know… 



The Brand 

Attirecare is a Manchester-based sustainable lifestyle launched in 2017 by Abigail Brookes and Seb Collinge. Offering a wide range of shoe, garment and home care products the collection is made entirely of natural, organic ingredients complete in a shelfie-chic style. Each product is hand-made to order, maintaining a zero-waste policy and only using fully recyclable packaging and glass bottles. 

All of the Attirecare products are made and manufactured within the United Kingdom, keeping production close to home, right where they can keep an eye on it. Only producing products they would use themselves – everything is trialled and tested with trusted suppliers and they work with skilled chemists to keep consistency throughout the brands’ formulas. 

The Scents 

Inspired by the aromas of their travels, the Attirecare ranges feature signature fragrances across the full range. Aureaum, Cepano and Ylang. Aureaum is a playful scent that nods to the Mediterranean’s colours, whilst Cepano delivers notes of a homely scent, inspired by the Votata Fig & Amber Ales that are native to the Italian West Coast. Ylang is the exclusive scent to the denim care range, boasting woody, fruity and floral notes whilst natural antibacterial properties of Tea Tree, Lavender and Birch allow for a deep, yet natural, cleaning power.



Shoe Care 

The Shoe Care range has their trusted plant-based Cleaning Solution and their non-solvent protection spray, The Protector, soon becoming a firm favourite. The brand has expanded the shoe care collection to include their Ultimate Shoe Care Kit and Shoe Care Travel pack, featuring all the necessities to keep shoes maintained, including natural shoe brushes, cotton cloths and protective dust bags.  

Garment Care

Using powerful yet natural ingredients and antibacterial agents, Attirecare lets you look after your garments so they can live for longer, by fighting stubborn stains while having also having considerations for sensitive skin. The Garment Care collection offers a range of products for everyday wares using non-toxic and gentle formulas. From their Garment Protector Spray created to repel stubborn stains and their Red Wine Stain Remover saving your favourite whites to their specially formulated Denim Wash and Crease Release Spray, keeping jeans clean and shirts crisp and fresh, Attirecare encourages a modern approach to “make do and mend”.

Home Care 

The Home Care collection promotes a culture in which people are proud to have cleaning products on display, encouraging cleanliness and less waste. The range offers essential products created with plant-derived cleaning power and antibacterial properties. Clean Home – a natural surface spray, Floor Cleaner, and Upholstery Spray – a fabric freshener infused with Attirecare’s signature Cepano scent. The Home Care range also features 2021 essentials such as the World Health Organisation-approved Sanitising Hand Mist, alongside lifestyle products such as the Organic Cotton Beach Towel and branded Laundrytee.


Written by Holly Thompson

Featured Image Credit – @attirecare

Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

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