At Home Spa Experiences and Treatment Guide

As much as the festive season is about partying, seeing family and indulgent eating,  it is also about relaxation and taking time for yourself to appreciate all aspects of life that you’re grateful for. It might be hard to find time to do this will all the Christmas wrapping, home preparation (read our tips here >>) and meal preparations. However, at Coggles we have put together a simple and easy guide to setting up your spa at home experience, even if you only have a spare hour or so…

Whether you’re looking for a pre-Christmas boost or a post party pamper, take our simple steps to the perfect spa day at home…

Create the space

Pick the room

Picking a calm room creates the ideal set up for an at home spa experience. For some a bedroom is most appropriate, meaning they can lie down post facial or face mask and relax, for others the bathroom is best. Dim the lights and create the right atmosphere for relaxation.

Turn on some relaxing music

Recreate the spa experience with calming tones and sea wave sounds. There are plenty of playlists made for relaxation that usually include wild nature sounds and soft melodies.

Light scented candles

Create the aroma of a spa with scented candles and diffusers. For an immediate release of calming smells, try ESPA candles for soothing and re-energising scents or Aesop Anouk Oil Burner Blend for a release of revitalising citrus notes. Try scents that include lavender, jasmine, rosemary or lemon to really replicate the luxury spa aroma.

Get the essentials

Facial Cleanse

Before beginning any treatment, it is important that your skin is steamed and cleansed of any impurities or dirt you may have accumulated throughout the day; this includes makeup. Run some hot water into the sink and fill up to around half way. Without getting your face wet, hold your head over for a few minutes until you can feel your face begin to swell, and then remove. Similarly you could run a muslin cloth or flannel under hot water and lay gently across your face for a couple of minutes and then remove. Drain the water, wring out your cloth and pat your face dry with a clean flannel, wiping away any dirt that could have been clogging up your pores.

Body Cleanse

For those wanting a full body cleanse, running a bath after a long day can feel like a luxury in itself. Try adding some bath oils so you can enjoy relaxing scents as you sink into the hot water. Similarly, for those wanting to cleanse the body of toxins, enjoy a nice salt scrub or exfoliator.

Tip: Try exfoliators to smoothen the skin and oils to soothe the skin. Indulge in the industries best from Aromatherapy and NEOM.

Face Masks

At Coggles we have done our research on face masks and composed a list of the seasons best face masks (read here >>), making your job a whole lot easier when picking the perfect one for your skin.

Hair Masks

A hair mask is a good investment treatment for someone looking to revitalise tired and dull looking hair. Drown your hair in a nourishing treatment mask and leave in for a few minutes. Rinse out and continue your hair routine, and leave the shower or bath with glossy, revitalised locks.

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Words by Olivia Seed

Olivia Seed

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