The Beauty Resolutions to Make in 2019

Unlike the money saving and calorie burning resolutions we make, beauty resolutions are much easier to keep. Rather than a year full of broken promises, if you invest in the right skincare and haircare routines, there isn’t much that can go wrong… it’s much easier to keep motivated when the results quickly appear. See our top 7 tips for making and keeping your beauty resolutions…

Clean Your Makeup Brushes

If you could see the number of bacteria and dirt on your makeup brushes, would you still use them? After weeks or even months of using the same brushes and sponges daily, your makeup application tools can really hold on to muck, which then, of course, you brush back on against your skin.


How often should you clean your makeup brushes?

To keep the germs at bay, it is recommended that you clean your makeup brushes once a week. However, for those with busy lives, every 2-3 weeks should suffice. We recommend changing your brushes and sponges yearly, and even more often if you use them daily.


How should you clean your makeup brushes and sponges?

It is best practice to clean your makeup brushes and sponges by:

  1. Dampening the bristles with lukewarm water
  2. Applying makeup brush cleaner or regular soap to the ends and massaging onto the palm of your hand
  3. Rinse the bristles when most of the dirt is seen to have removed
  4. Squeeze off any excess water and run gently across an old towel or paper towel to absorb any dampness
  5. With your fingers reshape the brush head into its usual form and leave to dry with the head of the brush hanging off a counter or stood up-right. Leaving a brush lead down can misshape it and can cause mildew.


How should you store your makeup brushes and applicators?

Your makeup brushes are better stored upright once washed as mentioned above. Also, upright holders reduce cross-contamination of bacteria and germs and also avoid picking up old makeup that may have fallen to the bottom of your makeup bag.


Use Hair Masks

Hair masks might be a new phenomenon for you. But they could also be a miracle remedy for tired looking hair. After the party season and weeks of styling and heat application, a hair mask is an ideal solution for rejuvenating your luscious locks.

How to use a hair mask

Most hair masks will come with clear instructions on the packet and will also include the best time for you to use a hair mask, whether this is before or after conditioning.

However, for general use, we recommend the following instructions:

  1. Once your hair has been washed and towel dried, spread the hair mask cream across your palms
  2. Evenly finger-comb this through your hair and massage into the scalp. Comb through to spread if all areas haven’t been reached.
  3. Leave in for around 10 to 15 minutes. If you are able to, wrap the hair in a hot towel to maximise effects.
  4. Rinse out the product thoroughly ensuring that all is removed from the scalp too.
  5. Condition your hair for extra hydration.


Avoid Facial Wipes

They might be the quick fix that you need after a long day or a night out, but makeup wipes are not the best way to remove your makeup, and can actually encourage breakouts. Rather than removing the unwanted dirt and makeup from your face, makeup wipes tend to smear it across your face causing great irritation and muck in its trace. Many wipes also include fragrance which can be irritating to your face despite the illusional cleansing smell the fragrance gives off.


Double Cleanse

Taking the day off of your face is regularly undertaken with a makeup remover and pad, or makeup wipes. And as we have just established above, makeup wipes are no longer a suggested option. Cleansing, on the other hand, is very much encouraged due to its effective ability to remove dirt, clean pores and wipe away dead skin cells.


Double cleansing, as spoken of in our cleansing guide (read more here >>), is a phenomenon brought about by Eastern culture and modernised through today’s science and makeup expertise. It involves using an oil-based cleanser to remove the top layer of dirt and makeup before following with a water-based solution, cream or foamer.

The Beauty of Cleansing


The Beauty of Cleansing

Take your beauty regime back to basics with an introduction to the art of cleansing.

2018-04-06 09:32:34By Georgia Leitch



We get it, moisturising daily is an effortful task. Especially when trying to keep up hydration levels of your whole body, not just your face. But it really can bring about some great benefits, especially when kept on top of.

Hot showers and hot temperatures can really dry out the skin especially when indulged in often. They cause a tightening feeling to the skin that can often be improved by lotions. Similarly, the cold weather can also have harsh effects; making moisturising an all year round activity.


When is the best time to moisturise?

Moisturiser and lotion are best applied directly after a shower, or shaving and exfoliating activities.



Choose SPF Skincare and Makeup

Brands have gotten better as of late for designing their skincare and makeup with UV protection. Whereas years ago you had to apply SPF and then makeup, brands now include this within their ingredients making it more effective and useful to protect your skin from the sun.

Try picking a high SPF moisturiser or foundation if you’re going to be wearing the same makeup or moisturiser all day without reapplying.  The effect of not doing this can cause unwanted wrinkles, dry skin and potential exposure to sun-driven diseases.


Drink more water

Drinking more water might seem obvious for updating your beauty routine, but there are more benefits of drinking water than you think. Not only does it flush out toxins but it improves your complexion, giving your skin a great glow and healthier appeal. Benefits might be most commonly seen in the face, but even across your body, your skin will feel plumper and more hydrated with the more you drink.


Try carrying a water bottle with you wherever you go. The more available water is to you, the more you are likely to keep sipping away.



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