Norse Projects

Danish label Norse projects was established in Copenhagen in 2004 as a retail store combining the best of street, classic workwear and fashion culture. Located in the city’s Norreport district, Copenhagen’s epicentre of cool, Norse Projects quickly gained a reputation as one of Scandinavia’s best streetwear stores, providing an exclusive hand picked collection of clothing and footwear from all over the planet.

Building on this success, in 2009 founders Anton Jull, Tobia Sloth and Mikkel Groemeback unveiled their first Norse Projects collection, emphasising simple, functional basics well suited to the harsh Scandinavian winter. An instant hit with the store’s loyal customers, Norse Projects appealed to those looking for uncomplicated, unbranded, but nevertheless stylish, high-quality clothing that transcends fashion trends.

Now a few successful seasons in, Norse Projects has stayed true to this formula, with the brand’s reputation continuing to prosper as a consequence.

'I think a few brands can always be successful with just prestige. There will always be customers out there willing to pay for hype, a brand name or a logo. But Norse Projects have never been about prestige or hype. For us it's about offering a good product at reasonable prices”. (Mikkel Groemeback).