The Art of Building 2016

Discover the 15 final entries in the Art of Building 2016 competition, from the Art Deco control room in Hungary to minimalism of the Croatian coast.

2017-01-16 15:31:58By Angharad Jones


Brutal London

Simon Phipps captures London's Brutalist architecture; the controversial form that's gaining a new fan base.

2016-12-05 09:12:07By Angharad Jones


Oasis DNA by Jill Furmanovsky

Charting their success from the very beginning, photographer Jill Furmanovsky gives a unique insight into one of Manchester's most iconic bands: Oasis.

2016-12-01 08:08:44By Angharad Jones


Malick Sidibé: The Eye of Modern Mali

Renowned for his black-and-white images of the Malian capital - Bamako - after the country gained independence, Malick Sidibé's images document the soul and spirit of this historic change unlike anything else.

2016-10-25 10:18:15By Angharad Jones


Laurent Kronental's Parisian Housing Estates

French photographer Laurent Kronental has created Souvenir d’un Futur, a series that explores the grand ensembles of Paris and the generation that have grown up – and still live – there.

2016-09-30 12:59:56By Angharad Jones


Dreamers by Shirin Neshat

Iranian artist Shirin Neshat premieres her first solo exhibition on the African continent, with Dreamers at Johannesburg’s Goodman Gallery.

2016-09-07 18:28:35By Angharad Jones


Five Art Exhibitions in the UK you need to Visit

The end of summer and the last bank holiday before it’s back to business as usual is the perfect time to indulge in a spot of culture and visit an art exhibition (after all, the British weather is known for nothing if not its temperamental nature, so no doubt you’ll need to spend at least some if it indoors).

2016-08-27 22:00:50By Angharad Jones


Modernism Rediscovered by Julius Shulman

California’s mid-century modern architecture is among some of the most iconic from the 20th century. Characterised by clean, graphic lines, open areas and light spaces, this style of architecture was a new and innovative departure from that which preceded it and is still incredibly influential today.

2016-08-23 12:41:23By Angharad Jones


Japanese Street Photography by Junichi Hakoyama

Street photography is one of those things that will always pique human interest; we’re always curious to see how other people live and behave in those day-to-day situations we all find ourselves in.

2016-08-23 09:35:26By Angharad Jones


Rupert Vandervell's Geometrix

2016-07-19 16:55:52By Angharad Jones