The World’s Longest Elevated Cycling Path

Copenhagen-based architecture studio DISSING + WEITLING has designed an elevated cycling path in the Chinese city of Xiamen, and at a length of 7.6 kilometres, it’s the longest of its kind in the world.

2017-06-14 13:03:52By Angharad Jones


The Japanese House at the Barbican

This Barbican exhibition explores modernist Japanese architecture and its reflection of societal changes and ever-evolving lifestyles of the country's inhabitants.

2017-05-24 17:03:32By Angharad Jones


Cross Stitch House, Melbourne

Located in the inner city of Melbourne, this house takes inspiration from tapestries and Japanese design to create a unique space that’s modern, full of natural light and has plenty of living space.

2017-05-24 11:37:24By Angharad Jones


A Contemporary Villa in Okinawa

On the Japanese island of Okinawa, Tokyo studio ISSHO Architects has designed a villa that takes inspiration from traditional Okinawan housing while adding contemporary architectural details.

2017-05-04 11:37:15By Angharad Jones


Tom Blachford's Midnight Modern

Tom Blachford photographs Palm Springs' iconic mid-century modern houses, lit up only by the moonlight and odd street lamp.

2017-04-21 09:00:14By Angharad Jones


Mid-Century Cabins in Upstate New York

In the Hudson Valley region of upstate New York, Lang Architecture has developed a collection of cabins designed for Manhattanites who want an architect-designed weekend getaway a couple of hours from the city - without the fuss.

2017-04-03 16:05:42By Angharad Jones


Maison 0.82 by Pascual Architecte

Located in the city of Nîmes, Maison 0.82 was built by local studio Pascual Architecte, designed to make the most of the sun in the region.

2017-03-27 15:43:05By Angharad Jones


A Cliff Top Cabin in Nova Scotia

Sitting on the edge of Cape Breton, this cliff top cabin is a remote holiday retreat that makes the most of its surroundings.

2017-03-14 15:12:24By Angharad Jones


Main Stay House, Austin

Located in Austin’s Bouldin Creek neighbourhood, Main Stay House was designed to promote and enable lifestyle flexibility by paring back on openings and divides.

2017-03-09 10:26:48By Angharad Jones


A Contemporary Home in Lake Como

This Lake Como home takes inspiration from the age-old buildings in the surrounding area, as well as traditional Japanese tea houses.

2017-02-23 13:39:02By Angharad Jones