Inside Two Converted Potato Barns

Houben & Van Mierlo Architecten have transformed two former potato barns in Amsterdam into contemporary, stylish residences.

2016-10-07 15:59:44By Angharad Jones


A Submerged Home in Miglionico

Rome studio OSA has created a sequence of luxury one-story buildings submerged in the crest of the hill overlooking Lago di San Giuliano from the town of Miglionico.

2016-09-24 17:00:27By Angharad Jones


Jikka by Issei Suma

On a rural site in Japan’s mountainous Shizouka Prefecture, Tokyo-based architect Issei Suma has created a complex made up of five tepee-shaped buildings, designed to provide meals and accommodation to elderly residents, and offer nursing care to people with disabilities.

2016-09-07 18:29:10By Angharad Jones


East House, Martha’s Vineyard

East House, created by Canadian architects Peter Rose & Partners, sits on the edge of Martha’s Vineyard’s coastline in the town of Chilmark, nestled into the vast green landscape and adding a contemporary, industrial-inspired piece of architecture to the island.

2016-09-03 18:38:41By Angharad Jones


Autonomous Tent, California

American startup Autonomous Tent Co. has taken luxury camping to the next level with the Autonomous Tent. Designed by Harry Gesner, the structure can be raised in just a few days and leave without a trace, whilst still appearing as though a permanent structure.

2016-08-27 22:03:46By Angharad Jones


House of the Infinite, Spain

Sat on the water’s edge of Cádiz, Spain, lies VT House – or ‘house of the infinite’ – designed by Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza. Designed as an extension of the surrounding terrain, the house is built into the rock, with all architectural elements lying underneath.

2016-08-23 13:57:52By Angharad Jones


Inside a London Mews

Once a row of stables consisting of carriage houses and living quarters, London’s mews houses are now amongst some of the most coveted properties in the city, offering dwellings that are full of history, character and style – and are often a more attractive alternative to the flats that dominate England’s capital.

2016-08-22 12:26:32By Angharad Jones


Jungle House by Studio MK27

Nestled within the canopy of a rainforest in São Paulo state, Jungle House is a contemporary space that makes the most of its unique natural location.

2016-08-01 12:48:18By Angharad Jones


The Cube Houses, Rotterdam

2016-07-22 17:49:09By Angharad Jones


RIBA Stirling Prize 2016 Shortlist

2016-07-19 13:09:39By Angharad Jones