Matsuri St James

Matsuri St James Sushi Mayfair London

A stone’s throw from the Ritz, Matsuri St.James’ offers all the luxury and attention to detail we have come to expect from a Mayfair restaurant. Situated downstairs, you are immediately struck by the incredible samurai sculpture hanging on the wall, a taster of the impressive experience that is yet to come.

Divided into three separate eating areas, a large sushi bar, a private dining room and the large open space you see below – Matsuri Chef’s are the utmost professionals, serving each dish with both speed and care. Hot plates sit at the centre of each table end, attended to by your own private chef who will prepare your order in front of you.  As with many Japanese establishments, it is a good idea to pick an assortment of dishes and share with a friend so you are able to get a rounded experience.We can strongly recommend the Wagyu Beef, a succulent marbled cut cooked to perfection. The most popular dessert on the menu is Tempura Ice Cream (or just plain old deep fried ice cream for the Scots amongst us), which is as much of a delight to watch being created as it is to consume.

Excellent cuisine aside, the Matsura also provides an impressively long cocktail menu for you to choose from.We quickly established a particular favourite however, ‘Serendipity’ – a blackcurrant and lemon infusion – as a must try!

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Matsuri St James Sushi Mayfair London Matsuri St James Sushi Mayfair London Matsuri St James Sushi Mayfair London

Words by Olivia Cooley. Images property of Matsuri St.James’.

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